Saturday, February 9, 2013

Friday Late Night Lights

Last night I was finally able to get out and ride Ashke. This week has been so crazy I find myself fantasizing about winning the lottery and not having to work any more just so I can spend some of my time riding. Ashke is shedding like a fiend. Thankfully, he is in a heated barn and has a blanket for the outside times when it's really cold. Otherwise, everything I own is covered in white hair. Joy.

I groomed and saddled Ashke and then we made our way to the indoor arena. I walked with Ashke around the outside of the arena for a couple of circuits and then left him with T while I went to the bathroom. He was chasing T around in circles by the time I got back. In his defense, I think it was T's idea, but Ashke was acting very up. I unhooked the rein and let him take off.

He crow-hopped, he reared, he tore around like a wild boy who has just been set free at recess. I just let him run until he was no longer doing any of those things and had turned in and walked up to me. Then we had a great ride. He is still a little rough at the trot and I can't get him to consistently lower his head, but it is getting better with every try. Our canter to the left was awesome and the one to the right was on the correct lead, but a little rough. I really need to ride to the right first, and then to the left, so he is not as tired when we go to the right. Next time I ride (which hopefully will be today) I want to put some poles up so we can do weaving and practice our turns. He is neck reining fairly consistently, which is a great tool for the trail when I am riding him on a loose rein, but not as effective when I am riding with close contact.

I am beginning to think I should do a dressage lesson or two and see if working with Cinnamon would help improve my connection to Ashke. He is getting stronger and looking better every day. I really need to get his SI joint adjusted again. Will have to see if Nicole can take us out to see Diane in April.

I am hoping to do a ride out today. We will have to see if J, T and Tia are up to getting on top of the mesa. If they are, then that might be a great ride. If not, then I might have to do the flat trail to the lakes.

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