Sunday, December 2, 2012


Yes, it happened this weekend.

Ashke in his stall the final morning at Christensen's.

Sully packed and ready to move. We purchased grass hay to supplement the hay at the new barn, so we don't change too much about their diet at the same time we move them. We were only supposed to get two, but ended up getting two each. 

Cali in her shipping boots ready to load.

It was pretty amusing to watch Cali and Nicole get Cali loaded. We opted to leave Ashke in his stall until  Cali was loaded, because it upsets both horses if he is out watching. This is the fifth time I've watched Cali load, and it goes the same way each time. Cali knows exactly what she is expected to do, knows exactly what Nicole wants her to do, but just doesn't want to do it. She shoulders in on Nicole, or rears, or kicks out to make her point. Nicole doesn't put up with it and the result is a fairly entertaining, at least while I'm not directly involved. The fight lasts about fifteen minutes and then Cali walks on the trailer.

Once she was loaded I went and got Ashke. Ashke walked up to the trailer, paused and checked things out, then walked on. I was so proud of him. They trailered over without issue.

We spent some time walking around the stable, letting them get used to the new area.

The mirrors along the back wall were very interesting.

We let Ashke check out the round pen. Both he and Cali are completely co-dependent on each other right now and stress out when either has left the other.

I think he's going to love being able to eat four times a day.

We did some work today. Ashke did pretty well. He was being a bit pushy with J, but backed off when I asked him to. We worked until he was sweating a touch on his shoulder. I think it was more nervous sweat than effort. I must say, riding in the arena is awesome! Ashke was a little freaked out by the horse he kept seeing in the mirror. Overall, he did good and I was pretty pleased with his effort. No more work until next weekend, although I do plan on checking on them every night this week. Hopefully, they will adjust to their new digs quickly and without any issues.

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