Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Canter and Leads

I got to put my nice clean saddle on my dirty horse. Oh well, no one said it would stay clean for very long.

Ashke looked good tonight. We are gaining muscle through the chest. And across the back and hips. His feet aren't looking as good. I'm so glad the farrier is coming out tomorrow. They are in dire need of trimming. I sure hope she's more flexible when it comes to getting her out at six week intervals rather than eight weeks.

He must be getting stronger because he was able to canter several times around the arena in both directions on the correct lead without cross-cantering. And he picked up the correct lead in both directions. I was very happy. The only issue we had was he felt a touch weak in the haunch when we were slowing to a stop from a canter. I'm not sure if his haunch came out from under us or if he slipped a bit in the wet sand. Either way, we went back to our walk-trot to finish out the night.

I found myself actively riding the trot, balancing my weight in the stirrups and shifting to move him in and out along the rail. Every time I tighten my leg (either leg) Ashke tries to take off, wanting to move forward faster rather than moving sideways away. When I ask him to move in a leg yield he tries to accelerate, swishing his tail and throwing his head up in the air. It's not until we are on the far side of our exercise that he begins to relax and listen. Maybe if I can ride him more frequently, it will help. I think the newness of the place is still throwing him off.

That, and horses that try to eat him.

A mare snaked her head out and tried to snag us as we went past her on the rail. Ashke went sideways pretty quick, but every time we passed her again, he would pin his ears and threaten her.

Tomorrow is farrier and a ride. Then a ride on Friday night. I won't be able to ride on Saturday or Sunday, due our work party and the Broncos game. Maybe I can get back out on Monday. We shall see.

I hope to have lots of pictures tomorrow. I tried to take pics tonight, but they were really blurry.

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