Friday, September 11, 2020

August 2020

Despite my best intentions, I have not made it back to blog town all month. Considering how busy I've been, I guess its not a surprise. So, here is an August update:


Here are some bits and pieces of a couple of different rides the past week. His changes are getting better, although when he gets tired or thinks I'm being an asshole, his hips start to swing. The pirouettes were during our lesson. Overall, I am so happy with his development and how he is progressing. I am hoping to buy a Pivo soon, since the Pixem doesn't really work well and it takes an hour to set up.

This was the kitchen just after I moved in.

The finished (mostly) product

The other side of the kitchen.
The island thingy. 
I added hardware to the upper cabinets.
Nice real wood cabinet I purchased off Craigslist for my canning.
Updated with new paint to match the cabinets and moved into place, then filled with the fruits of my labor.
I have three more things I want to do and then the kitchen will be complete. The first will be the ceiling: patch and paint a very light grey. The second and third things are going to be a surprise, because they will have a high visual impact. I will share when they are done.

I got a call from T early in August and the first words out of his mouth were "I've been in an accident. We are okay."
The car was totaled. He made out ok, however, and a couple of weeks later, after the dust had cleared, he drove home in this:
2020 Honda Civic Coupe
Last October I purchased a hybrid camper as a gift to myself.
 It took her out on her maiden voyage early in August. The Tacoma pulled her just fine. I didn't try the shower, but having a bathroom with a toilet was amazing. 
Vedauwoo is an amazing place.

Skittle got to be special dog since she listens the best and doesn't really like Maya.
Lily got to stay home and play babysitter.

No fires here (yet).

Camp in the far distance. We had climbed to the top of the rocks.
Maya is the newest addition to T's right arm sleeve

Slightly different angle

Boo in the fruit dish being cute

Princess Leia and Boo on my computer bag just hanging out.
Maya and the malinois singing the song of their ancestors
I'll try not to let it go so long next time, but no promises.











  1. Nice looking kitchen! Home renos are so much work, and yet so satisfying! Looking forward to the pivo of pirouettes!

  2. Nice update. I love the trailer! The dogs singing got Guinness going too. 😁

  3. Love your renovations, and that canning cupboard all filled, awesome! But the camping, I am envious, some days our skies will clear and I can go out again…

    1. We were lucky that the smoke wasn't drifting North where we camped, since it was really awful in Denver.

      I really enjoyed canning.

  4. That civic! I love those so much, everytime I see one I say outloud, "too cool for me."

    1. He's still bummed about it not being the GTI he wrecked. :)