Saturday, January 12, 2019

Philly Cheesesteak Meat Pockets

This is one of Tristan’s favorite meals and when done right, can provide meals for lunches and snacks for the family for several days. In the past, I have used Hot Roll Mix to make the dough, but this last time around, I used dinner rolls from the frozen section in the grocery store and they worked so much better, I’m never going back. Prep time on this meal is several hours, since the rolls have to defrost and rise, but the actual making of the pockets took about an hour to roll out, fill and bake.

Rolls out on the stove to rise. I used the Texas Dinner Rolls for this bunch, but I think the regular Dinner Rolls work better.
The Texas sized ones are just too much bread in comparison to the filling.

My usual recipe is diced pork, cabbage, mushroom in a Marsala wine reduction sauce.
This time we tried a Philly Cheese Steak filling.
One diced onion

Five large green Bell Peppers diced

I used about three pounds of stew meat from Costco, since it is almost entirely Sirloin meat from the trimmings.
I love it as a stew base and it worked well for the meat pockets

Once the dough has risen, I rolled each piece into a circle, and added a three finger pinch of cheese.

Then a heaping tablespoon of the meat and pepper mixture went on top of the cheese.
(I don’t use cheese in the pork ones, but it was appropriate for the flavor I wanted)

I folded them in half and placed them on a baking sheet that had been sprayed with cooking spray
The Texas ones were much, much larger than my normal pockets.

Cooked at 350 for 16 minutes or until golden brown on the top

Tristan isn’t as excited about the meat filling (even though it was his idea), but I think the flavor profile is good. It tastes like a philly cheese steak. I do think it would be better in a slightly smaller size.


  1. It's basically an empanada! I think my T would like it too.

  2. Pocket pies are the best - even though not on my diet so I only eat the filling. I make both greek style (gyro meat with feta) and aussie. But I use a puff pastry - I wonder which is better. For Christmas I made tiny ones and put home-made raspberry jam inside, but J likes the meaty ones better. I'm sad I cannot get the ingredients you used (spices and sirloin!!) but I make do with ground beef. Please post more recipes!

  3. What L said: these are empanadas! In PR we called them “pastelillos.” We make them with ground beef, ground beef and cheese, only cheese, guava, or guava and cheddar cheese. Yours sound amazing!

  4. Tasty! I've made this type of thing with rough pastry (pretty easy from scratch) and vegetarian indian-inspired filling (potatoes, peas, indian spices) so they are like samosas. I think every culture has some sort of delicious hand-pie, what an easy go-to meal!

  5. My conclusion was that there was too much bread for the amount of filling. Although tasty, just too much bread. I will try sloppy joes next in the dinner sized rolls. T seems very excited about them. He was not a fan of these.