Wednesday, May 31, 2017

A Week

Time sure flies when you are busy. My week included playing driver for the young man suddenly inhabiting my house, which resulted in 200 miles of driving in three days so he could spend time with his new girl. We are hoping this will motivate him to find a job, because the only thing holding him back from being a licensed driver is having the means to pay his insurance. Whole new levels of terror await. You'd think surviving the new levels of independence would get easier as they got older, but not really.

I had a lesson on Tuesday, May 23, then rode the back 40 at the barn on Wednesday.

We did 4.5 miles around the perimeter in about 45 minutes.
He was on fire.

Such a beautiful barn. I love where we board.

I skipped riding on Thursday. I rode early on Friday in the arena. Saturday I skipped riding, mostly because it rained all day, and we did stuff around town. Sunday we rode the South Platte trail from Adams County Fairgrounds. The ride started with what sounded like pig slaughter from the barns closest to where we parked (Ashke is not a fan), although I'm pretty sure it had something to do with 4-H.

 Mostly traveled at Ashke's pace.

 Goofy boy

 Pretty boy

 Grazing the deep green grass

 Friend A, not amused by the camera

 He wouldn't drink from the river
He drank from every puddle we came across.

18 miles in just under four hours

Monday I was super sore and ended up only do a brief ride mostly to keep us both moving.

 Skittle growling at her sister

 Sleeping Skittle

 Lily. Stalking the baby black kitten.

Little Black Kitten (she's 10 years old)

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