Friday, October 14, 2016

Some Lesson Vids

I had Amanda wear the GoPro during our Weds night lesson. Some of the footage worked and some of it did not. I pulled out the stuff that did work, for the most part. I'm thinking I need to save money for the Pixio and also play around with the settings on the camera. Most of the visual disturbance seemed to happen when both Ashke and Amanda were moving at the same time. I think we confuded the camera.


Serpentines with Halt

Leg Yields around Cones

Canter serpentines around cones

More Canter serpentines around cones

These are all typical things we are working on in our lesson. I left out the vids where Amanda once again explained to me how to do a shoulder in, because I really was not riding it well. And my left leg was all over the place (not something she usually has to remind me of). This may be a product of my age. . . .

I figure I will have lots of practice figuring out the camera since Amanda didn't mind wearing it during my lesson. I also think if I change the setting on the camera to wide angle from whatever it is set at right now, there will be less loss of Ashke in the frame. Overall, I was pretty pleased with the results. I do need to go back through the footage when not also trying to watch football to see if I can find the exercise with the ten meter canter circles. If so, I will add them to the blog when I get them done.


  1. very nice! I can see you setting him up well for the canter serpentines around cones becoming flying lead changes. He was listening very nicely. (Sorry about your Broncos Thursday night)

    1. And on my birthday, too. Stupid football.

      And thanks for the nice comment about his canter/lead changes. It has taken us a long time to get here.