Monday, August 22, 2016

Sun Day

Sunday was my official anniversary with J. We made it thru 20 years together. I think she deserves a medal.

We celebrated by taking Ashke on a short, calm, mostly walking trail ride. He walked, trotted slowly, jigged, reared, bounced and had a brief canter. Not all in that order. I wrapped all four legs (polos in the back) so he wasn't able to go out deep enough in the lake to really play (poor boy). He spent the time on trail with his tail up and his ears forward. He just felt so happy.

 His new fly mask that actually fits his face and lasted at least one day without being savaged by another horse.
It's the small things.

 He was much more comfortable staying on the edges or verge of the trail, even though the rock was small. Four weeks from now he will get a full set of shoes on. Unless it's snowing by that point.

 As we walked past one of the lake access points (really, the only one), Ashke turned his head and stared at it longingly. I turned him around and let him wander out to the water. He didn't really drink and wasn't satisfied with just standing. He really wanted to swim. Maybe when his leg is better.

When we got back to the barn, I unwrapped his leg and gave him a good bath. He seemed to enjoy the water. I enjoyed getting all of the yellow and brown off of my mostly white horse. I also cold hosed the leg, which didn't fall apart. The combination of medicine and the quick wrap from BOT have made a huge difference in his healing this time. I'm going to start with the steroid antibiotic that I used last time (still have some left), since two people (Amanda and Saiph) have both described the red skin as possible proud flesh. That will start tonight after our ride. 

 It is healing so much faster than last time. Of course, it wasn't as bad this time around.

Once we have a scab and he doesn't need the moist wrap, I am going to get a pair of skid boots and keep the wound covered for at least six months - maybe to a year. In order to fully heal this, we need to keep him from accidentally reopening it. The skid boot I am looking at is just big enough to protect that area.


  1. Have you tried "well horse" solution on it? It is expensive but heals amazingly! I use it on the horses, dogs and husband!