Friday, February 12, 2016


Last night when I walked in the barn one of the other women who I know was putting out the gate. She had asked on Monday if she could use it and I had told her of course. When I saw her I greeted her by name and she jumped like a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar. She got all flustered which made me laugh a lot. I helped her put out the corridor with the bell and the gate, then went and got Ashke.

He warmed up very nicely, even with six other horses in the indoor. We did w/t/c and he held his leads properly in both directions.

Then we worked the gate.


The corridor and some sidepass work.

The gate in the opposite direction, which I completely messed up on the first time (video not included).
I actually worked it with the wrong hand and Ashke kept trying to tell me we were doing it backwards. He was right.

He's getting better, but it's still not as relaxed as I would like it.

Whereupon he hits the gate with his front foot and is almost eaten.

Not super long on him, but a good ride. He was very forward and willing, which is always a good thing. We did all of the things we needed to and the canter just keeps getting better. I'm hoping that he will be solid when we do our ride at the clinic and show during expo.

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