Sunday, October 11, 2015


I got to ride. My focus was to keep Ashke calm and relaxed. It was a very good ride and I hope this bodes well going forward.

We still need more practice.

He throws his head up and fights with me a bit, but that was because we had gotten too close to the palomino mare who was cantering at the other end of the arena. Other than that, he really tried.

I think he has been missing our rides. He's been very interested in whatever we are doing.

He really likes the new bit I have been riding him in for our past three rides. It's a dog bone (or French link) with four copper rings around the center link that spin and move. Ashke loves to play with them with his tongue. He has ended our rides with foam dripping from his mouth and is so much better with this bit than any of the others I've ridden him in. I will still use the hackamore on trail, but can now use this bit in the arena.

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  1. Your canter departs have come SO far from how they used to be! And he is so much more consistent in the contact overall regardless of gait. Love his snazzy trot in the first video! I'm so happy he's loving the new bit!