Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Sunday was the second ride and final ride of the weekend. We decided to go to Chatfield, in part because we love Chatfield, and in part because we didn't want to spend as much time on the road as we had on Saturday. Buffalo Creek was a great ride and we are already planning on going back, but it's almost two hours travel time in each direction, which makes the day really long. The other reason to do Chatfield is that we've already paid for a year pass, so there is no ongoing cost and there is water readily available to help offset the heat.

Dead Horse Lake. Guess some cowboy lost his horse in it years ago.

I tried a new piece of gear. Well, two actually. I used both BOT saddlepads, with the Western one set on top of the dressage one, to help protect Ashke's hip from the saddlebags rubbing. I don't want to stop using the saddlebags because J and I have gotten accustomed to having a cold drink at lunch, but I also don't want the dark patches of grey hair on his flanks either. This seemed like a good compromise and worked well on Sunday. The other piece of gear was a S hack that Saiph sent me to try. Ashke loved it. Loved it. There was no head tossing. No bracing. No fighting with me even when we stood still and watched Eddy canter away. It was the second day of riding, so I want to try it with a fresh horse, but overall I was very pleased with how it performed.

The path was incredibly overgrown and J had trouble in a couple of places forcing her way through. It was especially bad bushwhacking through the willows.

 We stopped for lunch in the shade about an hour in.

Both horses kept looking off into the distance and not eating.
Have no idea what he was looking at.

The food worked again on Sunday. I had an Epic Buffalo, Bacon and Cranberry bar, plus hummus and veggies. I'm going to look at a different source of carbs going forward, since the hummus was not great (the quality can be hit and miss). J liked her Tanka bar and the Stinger energy bar she tried. I will try the Epic bar and a Stinger bar next time. I'm also going to use an Epic bar and energy bar for the nights when I get to go to the barn after work to ride, instead of McD's or Wendy's. 

 A little bit of trot video.

It was warm. There were waves. Ashke had fun.
We were joined briefly by two others. Eddy tried to lay down, but K got him out of the water before he could.

Playing in the water.

And a bit more trot video.

Last trail ride for at least three weeks. Next weekend is a camping trip, then the WE show at Circle Star Arena, and then maybe a ride (which K will be out of town for). So, I have no idea when we can go riding again.


  1. Looks like a great ride is that your J that's riding horse now? I haven't kept up on your site for awhile. Sorry!

  2. Looooooove that last trot video especially! What a fun, relaxing ride.