Monday, May 11, 2015

Ten Things

1. I am still sick and coughing up a lung every two minutes, despite my best attempts at suppressing my cough.

2. Robitussin Nighttime DM Cough medicine may become my go-to for insomnia. That shit works. I wake up once, pee, lay down and wake up at dawn. Best. Thing. Ever.

3. I had a dream I started running. I started running with T. I got faster than T.

4. T laughed until I thought he was going to pee himself when I told him of my dream.

5. This last week I have worked Ashke for at least twenty minutes on either the lunge line, under saddle or over cavalletti. He has been really responsive, up beat and frisky on the lunge. And his canter is light and flowing, unless he is trying to really bolt.

6. His right femur/stifle looks so much better, although now all I can see is how different it is from the other one.

7. We got eight inches of snow on Sunday. It killed one of my rose bushes. It was mostly gone by noon.

8. On the recommendation of Dr D, I have found a new farrier to do Ashke's feet. She is the same person that does Dr D's horses.

9.  I really need to desensitize my horse to ropes, but have no idea how to go about it.

10. I have a play day scheduled for 5/23, and a clinic/schooling show scheduled for 6/13.

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  1. Those nighttime cold medicines are AMAZING. They seriously knock you the F out.