Thursday, January 1, 2015

Goals for 2015

Goals for 2015

1. Ride 4 or 5 times a week 
This served us well the past year. Ashke needs consistent work and enjoys the time spent with me. By riding 4 or 5 days a week (weather permitting) gives us the opportunity to combine both trails and arena work in a way that keeps him fresh, involved and mentally challenged without burning out or being overworked.

2. Four Season Riding
When I was a younger person, nothing stopped me from riding out in the weather. There is something fantastic about cantering through fresh powder or feeling the cold catch in your nose as the snow squeaks under your hooves. I spent a lot of time back then with frozen fingers and frozen toes. As an adult with access to technical fabric and the concept of layering, I have put together an outfit that seems to work in the temps that it is safe to ride my horse in and so far, the experience has been positive. I want that to continue.

3. Ride 500 trail miles 
This goal should be attainable without us killing ourselves, especially if we keep riding in all four seasons. We have also recently found a set of books detailing trails, parking accommodations and trail conditions for 110 trails within an hour of Denver. (Sqweeeeee!) I am so excited to pick some of the best and most exciting ones to ride. Although I have no desire to ride any trail that has a drop off on both sides, with rocky, unstable footing. Exciting is in the eye of the beholder.

4. Work on my Working Equitation
This will give us focus and frame work for our arena rides, specifically working on attaining a flying lead change (which he has done on trail), our balance and bend when neck reining, and obviously, the fun of working over obstacles. I plan on attending clinics and play days, plus any shows that are offered in Working Equitation in the area. I'm really excited to learn and grow in this discipline and think it's great for Ashke's mental well-being.

5. Spend more time camping
 This is something that my family and I love to do and because of the horse, it is something we have not done as much of the past two summers. I want to take one weekend a month and go camping in Vedauwoo. It's great for the dogs, it's good for the boy and it will make more family memories for us to cherish. We have a week long vacation to plan (sans the horse) and lots of time to do more than just ride. I have been fairly selfish the past three summers and that will change again this year.


  1. Good realistic goals! Happy new year and hope it's a great year :)

  2. I'm excited to follow along in your adventures in 2015! I have a feeling you'll be covering a lot more than 500 trail miles this year. :)

  3. Great goals. 500 is a toooooon of trail riding... wow!

  4. Those are great goals!!! Have you considered taking Ashke camping? I want to do that someday. :D Happy New Year!!

    P.S. I know my comments are very late, but I hope you see them anyway.