Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I don't know if it was the temp or the small nick on his fetlock or what, but the boy was sluggish today. He walked out without a limp, but just didn't seem to have any energy. Of course, he was sleeping standing up with his eyes open when I first got there. I was leaning on the rails of his stall and he didn't realize I was there. I said his name and his eyes popped open and he kind of startled. Then he nickered and pushed his head into my hands. I spent the first five minutes rubbing his head and cheeks. It was very sweet.

I finally figured out why he was scratching his neck and messing up his mane. He had a bite at the crest of his neck and the scab finally fell off today. I'm sure it was itchy since he turned his head to the side, curled up his upper lip and flopped about with his lower while I was finally getting the scab combed out and the bite scratched. My poor boy was so beat up when I got him that it doesn't surprise me that there are still undisclosed bites showing up on his body. He enjoyed his grooming right up until I put the boots on his back legs.

The left one was fine but when I tightened up the support strap for the fetlock support and he completely freaked. All I can figure is that there is something wrong with the fetlock (a nick or injury) from when I got him and the support strap put pressure on it. Or he just didn't like how it felt. Either way, I suddenly had a horse that was hating the thing that was attached to his hind foot that no amount of freak out was going to get off (It has FOUR velcro straps). He started to panic. Luckily for me, he didn't want to put his foot down or it might have been worse. I grabbed the halter and told him to whoa. I don't know who in his past taught him to stand when asked regardless of how freaked out he might be, but it saved us today. He stood. I calmed him while J very gingerly removed both boots. We won't be trying that again soon.

We worked out in the round pen.

In both directions.

He was sluggish. It's the only word that applies. Although he did move at a slow canter.

Maybe he is getting tired of the round pen. I heard him sigh when we walked in.

I rode him for the first time since I was bucked off.  It's been three weeks exactly. He was rough. And sluggish. 

It took a bit of work, but he did back up. 

And at the end of our work, he did relax into the trot, finally.

He was pretty warm and a tad bit sweaty when we were done. I cooled him down and untacked him, then took him out and washed him off. I checked all four feet for heat, tenderness or swelling. Nothing. Hips. Nothing. I have no idea why he was so sluggish, but I don't think it had a physical reason. We shall see how he goes tomorrow. Fifteen minutes to warm up and fifteen minutes on his back. Going to continue with that program for the week. 

I know he needs his feet done, however, the farrier is not calling me back. We have an appointment on 7/19 and I have tried getting ahold of him to no avail. I may need to rethink who I am using.

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