Handmade, Beaded Browbands
Style designed specifically for an individual and horse

Silver, Blue and White
Ashke is currently wearing it.

Blue, Black, Yellow, Silver and White
For Cassandra and Pico

"Apache Design"
Blue, Orange, Silver, White and Black
For Saiph and Lily

For N and Cali
"Riding with Jesus"
Red, Gold, Black and Grey

"Care Bears"
Blue, Topaz, Black, Orange
For Liz and Poppy
(Photos used by permission from Elizabeth Lord Photography)

"Green Lantern"
Bright green, Dark green silver-lines, Pale green, Yellow, 
Silver, Pearl and Black

For Diana and Fletch

Although N wanted to call it Atari
For Ashke.

 Left side

Right side

"House of the Rising Sun"
Maybe my new fave

For Saiph

"Princess Band"

Black, silver-lined pink, teal, light amethyst and dark amethyst.

For Megan

Eye of the Tiger

Silver, Amethyst, black and Bright Blue

Appalacian Autumn

For Q

Arrows in Red

For Loki

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